Measure what's insightful,
Not what's easy.

Advanced Radio Mapping (ARM) delivers key insights on how visitors interact with your physical spaces, helping you maximise operational efficiencies. 

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Unique metrics about your visitors

Overview Data

How many people? How long is their average visit time? How long are they engaged for?

Real Time Flow

What areas are most popular and most engaging? What are the most popular routes around your space?


Conversion Optimization

How many people did you convert from passing to engaged visitors? What areas can you improve for better engagement?

Insights specific to your industry



How do we track and analyse attendee engagement and effectiveness of spend at events?

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What's the density of visitors, guest flow and dwell times at our destination?

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When do walk-ins convert into sales, what's their movement within the store and engagement with products?

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Dashboard, Data Analysis & Reports

Using our unique suite of data collection technology, we deliver key insights into how visitors interact with your event or retail space.


Everything in one place

Visualize an overview of visitor engagement metrics and dwell time distribution, or drill down into more detailed statistical reports including conversion analysis and spacial comparisons.

Your dashboard is fully customised according to your needs and adapts automatically to the number of sensors and locations.  

Passive, Secure, Reliable

We use WiFi sensors to measure visitor movement and engagement.


How do we do it?

Our sensors detect the WiFi discovery signals sent out by all smartphones, tablets and laptops.These signals contain a unique identifier for the device which we then use to build a picture of movement around the event.

Our devices do not record or store any personal identifiable information, they do not require any user interaction and consume very little energy, making them passive, secure and reliable.


Measure & Optimise your physical space today

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